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Find Inpatient Detox Services By Bloomfield

Looking for a safe way to detox from drug or alcohol use? Sunrise Detox Stirling near Bloomfield, New Jersey is here. Our medical detox center is a comfortable and safe place for you to detox under licensed, expert medical supervision. You’ll get a semi-private room while our staff help you manage a successful detox with proven methods. The empathetic care you get at our facility gives you a positive foundation for the rest of your addiction recovery journey.
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Patient-First Medical Drug And Alcohol Detox Near Bloomfield, New Jersey

At Sunrise by Bloomfield, we know you’ll have better results when we tailor our inpatient detox services to your individual needs. After a comprehensive medical evaluation, you'll have a care plan that our clinicians follow to make sure you stay stable during detox. We'll use tested treatments to slowly cleanse your system and lessen withdrawal symptoms.

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Alcohol Detox

Detoxing from alcohol is usually the first step toward a sober life. Our alcohol detox services near Bloomfield give you a detox experience that’s as safe as possible. Our empathetic nurses check up on you hourly and use evidence-based medical protocols to bring your body off alcohol. This type of approach prepares you for a long-lasting recovery.

Drug Detox

Sunrise’s drug detox services near Bloomfield let you purge chemical substances from your system and start recovering from prescription or designer drug use. Our caring staff directs your treatment and dispenses careful dosages of medicines to help you taper as comfortably as possible.

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Stay Safe With Medical Detox Near Bloomfield

Detoxing without medical supervision can be unpleasant and even fatal. At [[Sunrise Detox Stirling|Sunrise Detox|Sunrise Detox382] near Bloomfield, New Jersey, we can help you detox from various substances. We give detox services for:

  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opioids
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Designer drugs
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Alcohol And Drug Detox Counseling

Even though [[Sunrise Detox|Sunrise392] focuses primarily on medically-supervised detox, we also offer additional services which root out the triggers for addiction and begin finding healthier coping strategies. When you feel healthy enough, feel free to talk with our mental health experts in:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Peer support sessions

A Comfortable Space For Inpatient Substance Use Detox Near Bloomfield

Drug and alcohol detox can be easier when you are able to rest and relax. Our detox facility is built to make you comfortable, so you will focus on your recovery. We have semi-private rooms with only a single roommate. Each bedroom is fully-functional and has a private bath and TV. Each meal is prepared by a chef and given in our family-style dining space. Snacks and drinks like coffee, tea, juices, and water are there round-the-clock. Private rooms may be available for special circumstances. After feel up to it, you should take in some casual recreation as well as watch TV, play board games in our lounge, hang out enjoy the outdoor patio, or talk with other patients.

Sunrise Detox: One Part Of Our Continuum Of Care

For many patients, detox is the first step toward sobriety. Our inpatient detox services by Bloomfield let you detox from alcohol or drugs safely and as painless as possible. Our empathetic clinicians watch you 24/7 in our comfortable center and work with you to devise an aftercare blueprint. When your detox is complete, you’ll find the foundation you need to pursue the next stage and work toward a full recovery.

Assistance For Family Members With A Loved One In Detox

Sunrise Detoxunderstands how substance use affects families and that these problems don’t go away just because they start treatment. Our drug and alcohol services near Bloomfield offer information and resources for families. Call to:

    • Find an interventionist
    • Learn how to talk to a member of the family going through rehab
    • Create aftercare strategies for your family member
    • Learn more about addiction and co-occurring disorders
    • Deal with the stress of having a family member in detox

Get Expert Alcohol And Drug Detox By Bloomfield Now

Don’t try a taper by yourself. Sunrise Detox Stirling can get you in immediately. Call 908-274-2043 or send in the form below to get help right away. An admission rep will be happy to talk, any time of day or night.