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Detoxing With Depression And Addiction Near Morristown

Depression is a common fundamental source of substance use disorders, and this co-existing condition should be addressed during detox. If you’re prepared to face your addiction head-on but feel restricted by depression, Sunrise is here to help. Our detox facility treats adults with depression and addiction in Morristown. Whenever you want to take the opening step to a substance-free life, reach out to us at 908-274-2043.

We Recognize The Link Between Substance Use And Depression

The process of finding a suitable treatment for depression is fraught with many challenges, so it’s unsurprising if you turn to habit-forming drugs or alcohol. Sadly, relying on these substances will often plunge you into a devastating cycle of self-medication. Whenever the feel-good effect of alcohol or drugs wanes, you sink lower than you were before and are pushed to self-medicate again to feel better. This addiction/depression cycle quickly becomes unmanageable and takes command over your life.

Sunrise Detox Stirling will help you successfully detox from drugs or alcohol. We understand the link between depression and addiction and will treat both together at our inpatient center. We provide a safe setting for you to detox and make the initial step towards drug and alcohol use recovery. Contact us at 908-274-2043 at any hour to learn how we’ll help you safely detox and manage your mental health.

Our Treatment For Depression And Addiction Near Morristown

The initial step in overcoming drug or alcohol use disorders is detoxing from these addictive substances. Detoxing alone can be unsafe and should be done with supervision from qualified specialists. Co-occurring disorders like depression bring an extra challenge. Sunrise Detox Stirling supplies adept medical detox treatment that will manage both depression and addiction near Morristown.

Timing is critical when you begin detoxing, so we work swiftly to get you admitted. When you arrive, you will be given an assessment to look at your substance use, your medical history, and your present status. If you suffer from depression, we need to know so we may help you control those symptoms while detoxing.

Medical Support During Detox

Every patient receives a customized care plan for treatment, including how to manage your withdrawal and any co-occurring mental health disorders. Our medical staff will reduce symptoms of withdrawal through appropriate doses of evidence-based medications. If you are taking antidepressants, we’ll make sure you continue to receive your prescribed medication. We record core vital signs frequently to keep you stable until you have fully detoxed and recouped your strength.

Mental Health Treatment During Detox

Since depression is a common co-occurring disorder with substance use disorders, we strive to ensure your mental health is cared for at Sunrise Detox. You can go to therapy and peer support sessions here when you are feeling well enough. We give you access to:

  • Individual therapy: work face-to-face with a qualified therapist to investigate the reasons for your substance use and depression.
  • Group therapy: gain perspective by listening to and sharing with fellow patients.
  • Peer support groups: talk to trained volunteers who have advanced through their own recovery and want to assist you with yours.
  • Aftercare Planning: map out the future steps of your recovery, including treating depression and addiction.

This additional layer of support helps you cope with detox and begin to take command over your mental health.

Why Choose Sunrise Detox Stirling For Residential Detox Services?

We take steps to make detox as comfortable as possible for you and manage mental health in the process. We feel helping you complete this initial step in a dignified, thoughtful way will set you up for ongoing success on your way to recovery.

To start you on the right foot, we supply highly-qualified care in a welcoming setting where you’ll get

  • Safe, scientifically sound medical care for withdrawal
  • Help from on-site staff 24/7
  • Checking of vitals every 2-4 hours
  • Optional mental health sessions
  • Enough time for rest and recuperation
  • A safe location free from triggers for drug and alcohol use
  • A nicely furnished room with included bathroom
  • Wholesome, chef-made meals, snacks, and beverages
  • Relaxation time in our resident lounge
  • Complete patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Guidance for questions regarding costs and insurance

Request Assistance For Depression And Addiction Near Morristown Today

Don’t delay if you need assistance detoxing while battling with depression. Sunrise is here to guide you. Call 908-274-2043 or submit our contact form on this page for immediate help. A team member will reply right away, regardless of the day or time. We’re ready to take your call now.