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Sunrise Detox Alcohol and Drug Detox FAQs For Morristown

Sunrise Detox Stirling is a residential drug and alcohol detox center. Our medically directed inpatient detox treatments are a critical step to your addiction recovery. You have the opportunity to find out more about our detox protocols and facility in our alcohol and drug detox FAQs for Morristown. And if you still have questions, reach out to us day or night for a rapid response. We are here 24/7 to serve you.

Sunrise Detox Stirling offers medically guided detox from drugs and alcohol. That means you stay in our fully equipped facility while our trained personnel attends to you 24 hours a day. They closely track your condition and give you medication to avert potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and manage any distress.
We also give you the option of group therapy and peer support so you can explore the triggers to your substance use and we consult with you to create an aftercare strategy to help you continue toward lasting sobriety once you leave.
Sunrise Detox only admits patients age 18 and up.
Sunrise Detox Stirling strives to make our residential accommodations as comfortable as we are able. You’ll live in one of our cozy, completely furnished rooms with a full, private bath and a television. This room is shared with a maximum of one other resident. Private rooms are available upon request. Group and individual therapy is conducted in a welcoming surrounding. If you are ready, you are invited to use the TV or play games in our resident spaces or take a break on the open-air patio. We also supply chef-prepared meals and snacks.
Plan ahead like you might for a trip. Although we supply many essentials, you’ll want to bring things like:
  • Clothing
  • Personal hygiene supplies
  • Hair products
  • Your own music player
  • Things to read
  • Your usual prescriptions
  • Cash for vending machines
Yes, you may bring your cell phone. But keep in mind, our support team will place it in a protected area after admission. Whenever you need to see your messages or respond to an urgent call, you can ask a member of our team for your device or to access our patient phone booth.
We allow men’s and women’s razors, but our staff will store them for you.Just ask a staff member to check it out.
We recognize the vital support animals offer patients and we are pleased to permit them. Please advise our admissions staff ahead of time if you plan to bring an animal. You are required to show signed and authorized certification for the animal upon arrival.
Your safety is our primary priority. If you are unable to find a family member or friend who can bring you to our Morristown treatment center, we are pleased to find you a ride from your residence or the airport. Call us anytime to see how we can assist you in getting here.
During admissions, we will administer a thorough medical evaluation to to find out what types of substances are in your bloodstream and how you are able to safely begin treatment. You’ll complete required paperwork for who to contact in case of emergencies and family member information. Then we’ll remove any restricted materials in your luggage before getting you settled into your bedroom.
We know how critical family is during alcohol or drug addiction recovery. Even so, our treatments are most effective when you are able to get away from external factors to direct your attention on the work of detox and recuperation. Due to this, we do not allow family visits. However, you have the ability to contact those who care about you on our patient phone. We will also keep your relatives and authorized contacts up-to-date on your condition.
Your privacy is an essential aspect of our care. To act in accordance with federal guidelines, we protect the confidentiality of your personal documentation. We are bound not to divulge to anyone outside the program that you are in attendance, and we won’t disclose any information identifying you as being treated for a substance use disorder unless you authorize with written consent. We will give you a copy of our confidentiality policy when you are admitted.
We personalize your medical treatment to your specific situation established from your medical evaluation and the kinds of substances you need to detox from. Our healthcare professionals are adept at scheduling these treatments to avoid unwanted side effects. They will also assist you in managing your prescriptions and give additional medicine to control withdrawal symptoms as necessary.
We accept a multitude of insurance plans. When you contact us to request a room at our detox center, we will ask for your insurance details and confirm it with your plan. We can’t take Medicare/Medicaid presently.
Yes, we can still admit you if you don’t have healthcare coverage. Upon admissions, we’ll be pleased to speak with you about acceptable payment options.
We won’t have you leave without a strategy for future treatment set up. Our aim is to get you stable with detox so you’re ready to take part in additional recovery programs as you move toward lasting sobriety. Before you leave, we are able to help you enroll in a residential treatment center or various outpatient care options.

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